Saturday 8 October 2011 – Clogging at Floriade

Silver Soles Cloggers on the Carnival Stage

Front row, left to right: Louise (our fearless leader), Tamara, Marilyn, Jessie
Back row, left to right: Judy, Bob, Val, Sandy, Lenore
Photo from Louise

My sister came down with the whole family, and they were in the front row of the audience. Judy and Sandy had said, as always, “We’re only dancing because you are, Val”. No way could I wriggle out of it.

No one told me hats had become obligatory, but I’m glad I didn’t know. Bet I couldn’t have got the hat over my hair, anyway!

Actually this post is to mark a hiatus in the Weekend Walks.

To everyone who said it was all that dancing that wrecked my back: nah. It’s been bad since July and was already well on its way to being impossible.

To Daryl, who looked at the video Fiona & Co took and wondered why I didn’t move my arms, it was because I was having such trouble moving my legs. (Well, I always have trouble with arms, but I had practised a couple of the gestures. I simply couldn’t do them at the time.)

To Louise, who inadvertently left out the Karate-turn section, one of the few scary bits of Red River Valley: thanks! I was relieved!

So … not much walking last weekend. Three swims and three osteo treatments (they were so kind to fit me in!) since, and I’m still struggling. See you back here one day. Soon, I hope.

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One Response to Saturday 8 October 2011 – Clogging at Floriade

  1. albertine says:

    Poor back – but what lovely people you know! Stick with it me old mate!

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