Sunday 21 August 2011 – Anglesea Heath, Victoria

Being away from home does me no good, even when it’s to visit Helen-i. Out of my own environment, which is organised to within an inch of its life so I can function without falling to bits, I stand a fair chance of – well, falling to bits.

Helen and Chloe were in Melbourne, waiting for their dog to come out of quarantine. They were being very kindly looked after by Helen’s Aunt Lindy. I joined them there, and also on a weekend in Anglesea.

It was very interesting to see that part of the world, which I’ve been to only twice before. By the time we went for our walk on Anglesea Heath, however, I wasn’t taking a lot in.

Wildflowers on Anglesea Heath

Instead of attempting to write up the walk, which of necessity was just a little stroll, I will refer you to the Anglesea Heath / Bald Hills Area entry in the Australian Heritage Database, which says inter alia:

The area has very high plant species richness with approximately 500 species recorded in the area. The heaths contain the richest flora recorded anywhere in Victoria.

Lindy was there to point out the tiny wildflowers, and once we’d adjusted our attention, we saw them everywhere. It was a beautiful and fascinating place, and I’m grateful to my daughter-in-law Chloe for her excellent photography. I’ve included two examples here, and I recommend you look at the whole Anglesea set on Flickr.

Tiny orchids on Anglesea Heath

 We rounded the outing off with a look at the beach. How good it is to see the sea!

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