Blandfordia 5 – The Sign

[5] Transcription follows.

Informative sign: transcription below

Information about Blandfordia 5

Canberra Tracks: see how far we’ve travelled

Canberra: A Garden City

ACT Government coat of arms

A demonstration of the ‘garden city’ principles

The area defined by the Griffith heritage precinct is one of a number of the early garden city precincts throughout Canberra. Location, block size and architectural design indicate the area’s character from its earliest days.

Developed to meet the urgent need to provide housing for public servants moving from Melbourne, the architectural designs reflect Georgian Revival, Mediterranean and Mission styles from 1925-1938.

The majority of homes in the precinct were constructed by the Government before 1940.

The area demonstrates key features of the garden city ideal, including parks and reserves, street plantings, nature strips, and an absence of front fences.

As you wander through the streets of the Griffith heritage precinct today, observe the canopy of trees (along Grant Crescent in particular), the relationship between buildings, plantings and nature strips in internal linking streets, the curved road pattern, uniform front setbacks, the highly-ordered siting and consistency of housing, paired driveways, and the siting of garages out of view from the street.

You’ll also notice that overhead wires are generally located to the rear of houses, to further enhance the visual amenity of the area.

Some of the first duplexes and triplexes to be approved in Canberra were constructed during the depression to provide affordable housing, and are located here in Griffith. Many are now converted to offices in Murray Crescent and Bougainville Street.

Old photo from the Canberra Tracks sign

Early duplexes in Murray Crescent, Griffith. c1945. Credit: National Library of Australia VN4612626

Old photo from the Canberra Tracks sign

Image showing plantings and verges of Stokes Street, Griffith. 1963. Credit: National Archives of Australia A1200, L43214

As you wander through the precinct, notice the way that every street disappears over a hill or around a corner and out of view, leaving one to wonder just where the road goes.

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