Interim post – How I hate the heat!

Weekend walks have been suspended for the time being, because it’s too hot to move. Today (Tuesday 1 February 2011) is expected to be

38 degrees Celsius

38 degrees Celsius

which is a typical February temperature in Canberra. I shouldn’t even mention it. I should instead write about our great good fortune that the cool weather has more or less lasted until now.

It’s just that Dac and I went out early today. Last night was shopping night but, even after the sun went down, it was simply too hot to go outside. By the time the temperature started to drop, it was 10pm – closing time for our supermarket. We therefore agreed to do the grocery shopping first thing this morning.

I opened the back door and took one step into the sunlight, and was drenched in sweat. This was at 7.30am.

There’s a National Trust walk taking place soon, and it’s going to take in the old Tuggeranong railway station, which I really want to see:

Centenary Border Walks
A walk along the Old Tuggeranong Road to the ACT Border
(Approximately 5km return)
Saturday February 19th 2011
3 to 6pm
Medium level of fitness required

Much as I would like to, I won’t be going. The thought of walking on a February afternoon horrifies me, and I’m never going to reach the dizzying heights of a medium level of fitness. At the best of times, and with the best will in the world and quite a lot of swimming, I have no level of fitness. After the back problems I had over Christmas, I’m having trouble walking 2km.

Who am I kidding? I’m having trouble walking to the letterbox. I keep working on this (what’s the alternative?) but it definitely feels like one step forward, two steps back. I am hereby instituting a new category of posts known as “Querulous”: quarantine them if you like.

Normal service will be resumed when the maximum temperature returns to 23° or lower.

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5 Responses to Interim post – How I hate the heat!

  1. albertine says:

    I like your picture of 38 degrees (my keyboard doesn’t seem to have a degrees sign). Did you colour it in yourself?
    We spent the day ducking in and out of airconditioned locations – which I am sure makes the natural heat feel worse. Went to an art exhibition at the U. of Qld. today – most galleries here are still closed by the floods, but UQ was sensibly built both very close to the river and also on a hill. Best of both worlds. Can we come walking with you when we are in Canberra? I would like to hear some colourful language.

  2. valkyrie1 says:

    You use the right-hand Alt key and 248 on the number pad to get a degree sign. Sometimes you have to do it in a text program and copy it over to the fancier program you’re writing in.

    I told the paint program to colour in the 38° for me.

    How was the cricket?

    You can come walking with me if I go, and if you can walk slow enough!

  3. albertine says:

    yep – I can walk slow. I have been walking (sic) with my dad after all – he can do about 200 yards and has a distinct shuffle now. (My nephew Dave says he’s putting it on – but then he is 22.) It’s my belief that you could beat him over any distance. Mum on the other hand is slow and persevering, but wobbly. In walking as in life, you might say.

  4. albertine says:

    Cricket was very confusing as Australia won easily against UK and I didn’t know how to feel. But it was a really great day out. I must blog it some time, if I ever get any spare time again! Travelling is really BUSY – we are in Auckland now and our hosts are at work – whew – so today is a ‘rest and washing day’.

  5. valkyrie1 says:

    Thank you for writing on a “rest and washing day”. I will see you really soon!

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