27-28 November 2010 – Christmas shopping

No walk last weekend, unless you count walking all day Saturday through the Canberra Centre, Sunday morning through the Kingston Bus Depot Markets,  and Sunday afternoon through the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar. My Christmas shopping is all done now, thanks to my sister, who came down to help me with it.

After breakfast at Kingston, we faced the Canberra Centre. We walked the length and breadth of it, which is quite a distance, and we scoured shops from Big W to Oxfam. Despite a wrecked shoulder, Fiona carried all our purchases. She has excellent ideas for presents, and she’s very good at spotting items in shops.

We lunched at a random cafe, persevered throughout the afternoon, and arrived back at my local chemist after it had shut. 😦 Dinner was at the Hellenic Club’s trattoria, and we were pleased with ourselves for somehow managing to have had bacon at every meal. 🙂

I really did want to go to my chemist – it’s the time of year when I might actually have reached the safety net – but on Sunday morning we discovered that it no longer opened on Sundays. I’d run out of essential prescriptions, so I had to go elsewhere.

We breakfasted at A Bite to Eat at Chifley (more bacon!) and made our way to the thronging Bus Depot Markets. On the way in from the back carpark, walking between the Fitters’ Workshop and the Powerhouse (now the Canberra Glassworks), you cross railway tracks. I think they’re commemorative rather than real or old, but so far I haven’t found any explanation of them.

Apparently the Powerhouse is where the 1920 train into Civic used to go from, but I think it went from the other side – not the lake side where the possibly ornamental tracks are. Half a day spent searching for verification found me some amazing photos, but great confusion over whether I can use them here. Avalook at this State Library of NSW page for the Powerhouse and the location of the railway lines.

We came home at lunchtime for cheese on toast – a break from crowds and bacon. The Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar was a slightly gentler experience, although the layout of the room where it’s held lends itself to bottlenecks. And the pouring rain meant the tables for coffee had to be inside, so the room was more crowded than it had been last year.

We had Danish pastries (known as Wienerbrød in Denmark) and a cuppa. I ran into a couple of other students of Danish. Fiona and I learned how to make Danish Christmas Heart baskets, and bought a few things, and then came home and marked many names off our Christmas lists.

Red and white woven paper basket


In the evening, it was time for the exciting adventure of going to Departures at the airport for the first time since the new terminal opened. I was distressed to find that I had to go through security in order to have a cuppa with Fiona – no shops outside the gates yet. To my astonishment, my knee didn’t set off the alarms, so for once I didn’t have to be frisked, take my shoes off, etc. What a relief!

Inside, the departures board informed us that Fiona’s flight had been cancelled. There was a special member of staff stationed there to tell us, however, that it had only been delayed. “Perhaps the security alarms aren’t working either,” said Fiona. “Perhaps the guards are thinking ‘Everyone’s being very good tonight!’ but it’s just that nothing’s working.” This was a possibility we decided not to dwell on!



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One Response to 27-28 November 2010 – Christmas shopping

  1. Antoinette Lautenbach says:

    The old bus depot – heavens! I’d love to go to the markets there. After the demolition of that marvellous lending library on Kings Avenue (such a sin; it was a wonderful building) we used to be dropped on Saturday mornings at the children’s library at the bus depot. I suppose the adult library was somewhere else, or perhaps Mum and Dad had other things to do. Anyway, off they’d go and leave me in heaven. I read all the Narnia books at that time.

    When I was older, I think Mum and I attended art classes at the depot.

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