Saturday 17 July 2010 – Corin Forest

Catching up on some earlier weekend walks

Dac had expressed an interest in seeing some snow as part of his birthday celebrations. I was touched by this display of trust. Last time I drove him to the snow (Thredbo, 1992?) I nearly landed us in a ditch.

We stopped by the side of the road to do snow angels, and then discovered that the car was bogged. Dac had to find a bit of wood to stick under one of the tyres before I could get the car to move. How nerve-racking! I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.

Heavy snow started falling. I’d never driven in snow so I slowed down – but not nearly enough. Dac started off by mildly mentioning that I might think about slowing down, but became more and more insistent. “Everyone else is going much slower than you,” he pointed out, and they were.

Still I didn’t listen till the first time I applied the brakes and found that the car simply kept going. :-O

This time, we decided not to go so far afield, but just to head out to Corin Forest and see if there was some snow about. I consulted the map so that we could go different ways there and back, and we set off through Tuggeranong (south).

After the turnoff to Corin Forest, the road was in the shade of the mountain, and there was  a fair bit of snow along the sides. The road was cracked and damaged from the cold, and water flowed across it in numerous places.

We passed the Corin Forest Recreation Area, in front of snow-covered hills, and drove to the end of the road to look at Corin Dam. I always like visiting dams: they’re quiet. Apart from the water, there was nothing to photograph, and I didn’t take photos of the water because I took so many at Googong Dam last year when I first got my camera.

Dac reckoned the advertised walks would be too much for me – they were pretty hilly – so we hopped back in the car and returned to the Recreation Area.

Dac at Corin Forest

Dac at Corin Forest

Just as we were photographing each other in front of the snow, an announcement bellowed forth telling us the place was closing, so we were obliged to clear out before the car got locked into the carpark. Not much of a walk!

Val at Corin Forest

Val at Corin Forest

We drove back via the Cotter (north). All up the trip was about 110 kilometres so, if it wasn’t really a walk, it was certainly a drive.

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2 Responses to Saturday 17 July 2010 – Corin Forest

  1. Jill Barker says:

    definitely snow.

  2. Antoinette Lautenbach says:

    No walk, but definitely an adventure. 🙂

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