Sunday 1 August 2010 – Hall Markets

Today we decided to visit the Hall Markets , where I had never been in my 42 years of living in Canberra. Hall is a village close to the northernmost point of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory). I’ve only ever been to the town once, in about 1977. I bought some dining chairs from an antique shop there for $15 each. I still have two of them.

At 8 o’clock this morning it was sunny and cool but by 10.30, when we left for the markets, it was raining quite heavily. The drought has been going on for so long that rain is still a bit of a novelty and I’m inclined to run around in it. Not so much of a delight when you find yourself running around in mud.

Hall Markets in the rain

Hall Markets in the rain

The markets were easy to find, and pretty crowded considering the weather. There were all the usual stalls: clothes, fruit & veg, lollies, knicknacks, furniture, food. It certainly covered a lot of ground.

I’m not much of a shopper and didn’t see anything I really had to buy. I always feel like that at markets, and I find them pretty samey, so perhaps it’s time I stopped going to them. There was, however, something I liked about the Hall Markets.

Dog in a baby pouch

Dog in a baby pouch

Everyone brought their doggos! This young woman gave me permission to photograph her dog-in-a-baby-pouch. The rest of the time, I just snapped photos as best I could, trying to leave the owners out of the picture. Here are some dogs that didn’t run off before I could photograph them:

Dane, fluffy puppies, Weimaraners

Dane, fluffy puppies, Weimaraners

I was especially pleased to see that Great Dane, who had the same markings as Helen and Chloe’s dog Tia (Teesy). Harlequin markings, I think. He was at least 30 centimetres taller than Teesy, though.

Dac was surprised that I was pleased to see dogs. I’ve always resisted having one. Well, I’ve always been a bit scared of them because they can jump up. Living with Teesy for a couple of months opened my eyes to dogs. I still don’t think I could cope with owning one – I cherish the independence of cats – but I do enjoy the variety and cheerfulness of dogs.

[The original photos are at Hall Markets – a set on Flickr]

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2 Responses to Sunday 1 August 2010 – Hall Markets

  1. HT says:

    I am so extremely glad to see that you’re doing this thing you said you might do!! what nice doggo pix. Loved the Garran entry and all – hooray!!!! xox H

    • valkyrie1 says:

      It makes the walks more interesting, taking photos and thinking about what to report back on. I’ve started a file on prospective Hilversum walks. 🙂

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