Sunday 1 August 2010 continued

The sad story of the Lake George zebras

When we got home from the Hall Markets, I was reading some RSS feeds and was smacked in the face by this:

Vandals’ attack on zebras ends ‘joyous’ art experience

A few weeks ago, local artists Alan and Julie Aston placed some statues of zebras near a rest stop on the Federal Highway into Canberra. There are photos of the zebras on the Riot ACT, a Canberra blog. (This link takes you to the articles tagged “zebras”; you’ll need to go to the individual articles to see the pictures.)

I was so taken with the Canberra Times photo of them, with beautiful wind turbines in the background, that I sent the clipping to my daughter. And I was delighted to catch a glimpse of them as I drove back from Berrima (another story) the other week. They looked real. They looked happy.

Someone came along on 31 July 2010 and smashed them to bits.

These things happen, but I’m only just starting to get over feeling sick about it. Perhaps this shows a lack of self-control on my part, or a lack of perspective. Or perhaps feeling hopeless and sick about dreadful behaviour gets worse with age. The old have been deploring the dreadfulness of Modern Times forever. Sometimes I suspect those feelings are a preparation for death!

O tempora, o mores

– Cicero

[Wikipedia on O tempora, o mores]

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