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  1. Bec says:


    Have enjoyed the entries so far.

    Just wondering where I can get hold of the “Canberra Community Walks” pamphlet? All I can locate online is that it was published by the Heart Foundation.


    • valkyrie1 says:

      Yes, the pdfs I downloaded some years ago have now disappeared from the net. I think the Heart Foundation is probably selling them now – which, when you think about it, is hardly going to encourage people to do the walks. One day I’ll give them a call and find out what’s going on. Apparently nine more walks have been added, which I very much want to see.

    • Bill Caddey says:

      Hi guys
      Thanks for your enquiry about the Canberra Community Walks. I have had thousands of the brochures reprinted and they are available free by dropping me an email. As the Heart Foundation website is a national distributer of information, I am reluctant to place the on that site. I am in the process of finding a site to locate the PDF’s of the 19 Canberra Community walk Brochures- will let you know when I find a suitable site. Otherwise if you give me your email, I can send them to you.

    • Bill says:

      I’m at the Heart Foundation and you can get FREE copies from me by dropping me an email. I am in the process of having them uploaded to the canwalk web portal. Check it out at

  2. valkyrie1 says:

    Gday Bill

    Thanks for the information about the brochures. I’m really glad to hear that the Heart Foundation isn’t selling them, and also that they will one day be online again!

    I thought there was an ACT section of the Heart Foundation website, but if the PDFs can’t go there, I hope you soon find somewhere suitable.

    All the best,


    • valkyrie1 says:

      Bill is going to tell me the link when the walks go back online soon.

      • kirstyguster says:

        Hello Val,
        I have only just discovered your blog about walking – and very much enjoyed reading your write up of your explorations! Thank you for sharing your sense of curiosity and wonderful and witty way of looking at the world. I would love to highlight your blog as a link on our website, and to make contact. Do you have an email I can reach you on? Many thanks – Kirsty.

      • valkyrie1 says:

        Thanks, Kirsty. I’ll be in touch.

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